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The Concept Is Unique & So Are You.

I and Team Dr. Anil emphasize on the state of Positive Health which implies perfect functioning of Mind, Brain, Body and Soul, in all 7 aspects of Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Occupational & Environmental. The modern world of competition full of HURRY, WORRY & CURRY has given rise to multiple lifestyle & Psychosomatic health problems. 21st Century is the century of S.A.D.D. Pandemic Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Diseases.
At POSITIVE HEALTH ZONE, you shall be surprised to experience the results in terms of diagnosing & curing health problems. Our HOLISTIC & UNIQUE APPROACH diagnostics & disease management practices would work miracles for you & family. Integrated holistic healthcare system is the need of present scenario and future of Medical science.
At Shri Ganesh Vinayak Eye Hospital, i along with my team working with Brand promise of: Team, Trust & Technology (T3).

Revolutionary Courses

Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychology, Medical Science

Chakra Vigyaan, Vedic Vigyaan & Medical Science