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If you want to change your life, Start with your lifestyle. Today’s Lifestyle Has Only Style, No Life In It; Add Life To Your Years, Years To Your Life! Helping You To Help Yourself!

This book is for those who want :
• To live healthy happy fulfilled life.
• Heal and cure their chronic health problem like: auto-immune diseases, allergies, psychosomatic and lifestyle diseases.
• Get rid of 21st century pandemic S.A.D.D (Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Diseases) Syndrome.
• Professionals who want to understand integrated holistic healthcare system.
• Live 200% life, 100% spiritual and 100% materialistic.

Let’s get ready to perceive the Body Beyond Body by Exploring The Unexplored Within You!

About B3 Book

Author Dr. Anil

Co- Author Dr. Shubhra Agrawal Gupta
Health revolution B3: Body Beyond Body #B3revolution #bodyb… 

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Health revolution
B3: Body Beyond Body
B3: Body Beyond Body, Is Road Map To Healthy, Happy You 😇 & To Explore The Unexplored Within You.