Self Discovery- Personal Audit

Personal Audit

Work Of Self , Obtainment Of Self

  • ―Have you ever thought that you too are an institution in yourself?
  • Every year, We take audit of our organization; Why?

Firstly, To know about profit and loss statement, Secondly, What the challenges will be in the coming year or organization is facing and what will be the opportunity an organization can grab in coming years.

Means, over all view of the organization; Where it’s moving. Similarly, We are also an organization; We are an organization of “MIND, BRAIN, BODY & SOUL”.  We are a organization of 60 Trillion Cells & 100 Billion Neurons. So, Where our Life is going on; How we can know our self in much better way. To know our self in a much better way. We need personal audit.

Now, We will wonder, Why You are telling this to me ? I know Myself Very Well.

No, My Dear Friend!
we don’t know our self; Sometimes, We know our false face that is social media face; We post our personal post on the social media that is not real our self that is a false persona; we are putting, our mask. The real our self is hidden inside us, our mask and that we can find out with the help of this “PERSONAL AUDIT WORKSHOP”.

In this workshop, I will help You to find out  the real you, inside you. Your hidden potentials, Your personality type ,What type of person you are : VAK ANAYLSIS.

Do You Know, There are three types of people Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic. In these three type of people, there behaviors are different, there internal programmes are different, there meta programmes are different, there operating systems are different. So, If You Know that which type of personality you are then you can plan or organize yourself in much better way, second lot of meta programmes are there, sometime we need to know what are our believe, Believe are the operating factors, believe create reality. So, In this workshop; I ‘ll bring believe Analysis, What type of believe you have empowering or non-empowering. Third thing Values, means what is important for you?

For this I m bringing for you value analysis. Your priorities, whether you are working on that only or something else. Identity Analysis: What identity do you have at present and what type of identity you want to have? , Completely known as BVI Analysis. (Belief, Value, Identity).


Personality Analysis, BVI Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threads, You will think, “I  have done all these several times; every management guru thought me these”.

Then, What’s different in this workshop?

This  workshop lets you-

  •  – How to watch inside, The best you
  •  – How to help you in finding your strength
  •  – How to introduces you with your weakness
  •  –  How to find out your opportunities
  •  –  How to realize your threats.
  •  – How to convert your weakness and threats in strength?

Yes, My Dear Friends!

It is necessary for the new creation process of your life to sit down and prepare a detailed account of yourself. Only after preparing it, you will decide how to use the resources you have. Due to the lack of this statement, all your Proper use of resources will not be possible. Your behavior, habits and training have meaning only if you have this personal statement. Find the appropriate time to make this statement when you have no obstacle and you can take as much time as you want. You will start with four sections given below. Each class is made for a specific information.

Prepare Your I Book !








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