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Though our high schools and colleges are excellent in teaching many valuable skills that are important for our carrier & profession development and to earn money. But our current academic curriculum doesn’t teach many aspects necessary to succeeding and thriving in life such as Stress mangemet, self management,life management mind management & many more practical management aspect of our life . Our conventional educational system provide us lots of information but fails to provide us wisdom how to apply such knowledge to real-world scenarios to live happy healthy fulfilled life . Moto of LIFE CAMPUS is to enrich your life with lots of practical wisdom that is neccesity of present world full of stress, anxiety depression & diseases ie S.A.D.D century. How to achive work life balance , materialism spiritualism balance , Heath wealth balance etc ultimately 7 dimensional balance in life . Education is what we receive in school & colleges but learning is life long process .With mantra of learning for life, life long learning life campus fulfill your thirst of practical insights for life from the practical real life successful personalities from various fields .life campus also provide you access to practical wisdom online/ offline courses for real life .learn the practical approach of happy healthy fulfilled life from the real life examples

Life is an untold adventure.
Those who understand it, live this adventure.
Those who do not understand it, leave this adventure.

Education is just a drop in the ocean of life learnings. With, just a drop you can’t fullfill or understand the thrust of your life needs, it’s important for you to dive in and explore, the Ocean of life.


We welcome, all of you in the campus of life, here we are going to teach you those things, which are very important for your life, but you have never received or may be you have inadvertently received any part of it, Even then you may not have recognized it.

If you have not done the most important work even after completing all the work, then everything seems incomplete. Same is with life, if you’re just walking and don’t know your path or direction for life, then you will reach nowhere & distance of life covered by you seems worthless.

  • Is your relationship work, the way you want it?
  • Do you feel happiness and peace?
  • Are you, your thoughts, your life balanced?
  • Are jobs, business, social level, all these units of life balanced?
  • Do you have a good state of mind?
  • Do you live in anxiety, depression or stress, for any reason?
  • Do you feel something that is very important and is left over?
  • Do you experience something incomplete every moment in your life?

Perhaps the answer to all of you will be yes.

Have you ever thought what is that important work?
Might not have thought.

Do you know?, All the work done in your life must have some effect on your life.

Have you ever thought, why is school of life important for you?
Have you ever thought ?, By changing the state of your mind, you can change your whole life.

Questions related to life are uncountable, but you will find answers to all these in the life campus.
You will find the balance of different dimensions of life in the life campus.
life campus will teach you how to become supreme or the best version of yours,In any circumstance
Effective personality, ocean of qualities, balanced personality, control of emotions, realization of truth and distance from wrong, all these will be found in your life campus.

The knowledge that has never been taught in schools or colleges, the knowledge that will continue to guide us through life, will be taught to you in the life campus.

Wisdom Walkers


Those who talk the walk & walk the talk…

Who are Wisdom walkers?
Those who know what is right & what is wrong. They have the knowledge of the truth, along with they follow the path of that knowledge & also guide the society.
Wisdom walkers, by using their strong intellectual level of mind, bring to you the paths of life which have been extinct for many decades.
Wisdom walkers are the source of the knowledge and path that our present generation or society, needs. which can make their life simple, easy and peaceful.
Life Campus brings such Wisdom Walkers to you, so that you can create that balance in your family, society and in yourself.

Life Champion

You are our life champion ! !

Hey hi, excitement is going to knock your door, you are going to add the most sophisticated degree to your achievements of life. you’re going to be life champion by enrolling yourself to life campus. you are going to be the cicerone for your family, for your society. you’re going to develop the qualities of wisdom walkers.
you’re going to be the one, who can solve any complexity of life by switching the status of mind with the help of Life campus.
we have started life campus to create life champions, so that we can easily create the network of balanced intellectuals with whom we are dreaming to make the world, better place to live in.
we welcome you, life champion.

Life Influencers

You all will agree on one thing, whatever level you are in your life today or whatever level you will be in the coming time, it is or will be due to the influence of someone’s personality or the effect of their life story.

Whenever we are under the influence of wrong personality in life, then our life also moves towards wrong direction. When we are under the influence of the right personality, then our life moves towards the right direction.

But, what do we want?
we want our lives to be successful, calm and inspiring. we Wish to live the best life.
But in life different situations come and break us, make us directionless. Sometimes there are pleasant experiences, sometimes sad experiences.

what should be the choice of people ??
We should choose such people in our life, who can make us successful, calm and inspiring in all circumstances.

What is the dilemma?
The biggest dilemma is to find such people or to make the right choice.

To bring you free from your worries or dilemma, life campus is bringing life influencers, who are successfully leading a happy and balanced life by crossing the odd situations of their lives.
Life influencers will try to show you the right direction through the ups and downs in their story.
Life influencers welcome you to Life Campus.

Life Coaches

     गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः।
      गुरुरेव परंब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः।।

We all will agree on one thing that the Teachers have contributed a lot in whatever we have learned or done in life.
Parents, friends, society, relatives etc., they all have supported us by their teachings. From some people or events, we recieved good things and bad things, from some people or events.

Life gives us many experiences, but unfortunately, we are not able to use those experiences in our life properly or perfectly.

You all will remember, when in childhood, our parents used to talk to us all the time for our studies, woke us up early in the morning for our studies, our teachers in schools also used to pay attention to our education, that is why we studied in schools and colleges, completed it properly and took advantage of it in our life. Reason is simple, we all need proper monitoring to execute any thing perfectly in our life.

But we did not get the education of life anywhere, even if we got the education of life, we could not use it, because there was no one to monitor or guide us.

At Life Campus, we are bringing Life Coaches to teach you about life, to guide you, to monitor you and to make you, a better personality. Which will help you to execute the different dimensions of your life in an effective way.

Types of Life Coaches

Some life coaches take a more general, all-encompassing approach, but there are also many that specialize and focus on helping people in specific areas. Some of the different types of life coaches include:

  • Addiction and Sobriety Coaching
  • Business, Executive Coaching
  • Spiritual Leadership Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Diet and Fitness Coaching
  • Family Life Coaching
  • Materialism with Spiritualism Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Mental Health Coaching
  • Spirituality Coaching

Life coaches are ready in Life campus & they welcome you for completing your finest education of life.

Expert's Talk

Life Campus is bringing for you all, those experts who have mastered their fields or subjects. There are many things to learn in life like health related, mind related, emotions, spirituality, social, professional, occupational, natural, practical, Vedic, historical etc.

Through different subjects, we get the knowledge required for the balance of our life and it goes on for life. But, if these things are not taught by experts, then we are not able to learn that subject properly or perfectly. For this reason, Life Campus has decided that for different subjects, their experts, themselves will guide all the people on Life Campus.
Life Campus welcomes you all to the Expert’s talk.

life campus


Director's message,

If you can live life 200%, then why are you stucked at 100%?
Think yourself!!

Life is a pleasant journey from birth to death.
Based on many experiences, learnings, understanding, behavior, synergy, we write the story of our life. Some one’s story becomes immortal & some are not even, able to live it properly.

Have you ever thought?!
You can write your story exactly as you want.
Might not have thought!
Because if you had thought, you would have put some extra effort into it.

Trying to learn something new, trying something new, trying to make your life better than best.
Did you do something like this?
May have done or may not have done it!
But, the most important is selection: selection of right education, selection of right teachers, selection of right person, selection of right experiences etc.

I am a doctor by profession, that is, I know the part of the society where conditions are most serious. I have learned and experienced a lot in my life journey. I understood the power of the mind, while treating people, I found that everyone needs mental power. In stress, anxiety, depression, diseases people have become like dead bodies. Then I understood Vedic Science, understood Psychology, understood all the dimensions of life and decided that I will bring the solution to the people. Conclusion, it turned out that society does not have what it wants. But now time has come to provide the balance in everyone’s life. Time has come to correct whatever is wrong with life.

Then giving my life, a lively purpose, I decided that I will deliver to the society, to the people, what is their greatest need, but never received.

The journey from nothing, to something, brought a lot of experience. I decided that, in an effective way, I would take these experiences to every person.
Following this path, I decided to start “The Life Campus” & now after starting it, I feel relieved.

Life Campus is the origin and conclusion of all dimensions of life, all experiences, all actions.
I welcome all of you to a new life.
I welcome you to Life Campus.

~ Dr. Anil k Gupta ~


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