Your baseline state is the state where you feel most at home. It is not necessarily the most resourceful or the most comfortable, but it is the most familiar. When it is long established – and it can be established in childhood. It can seem the only way to be, whereas in fact it is one way to be. Your baseline state is a combination of your habitual thoughts and feelings, physical and mental.

Become aware of your baseline state:

Ask yourself these questions

  • How healthy are you?
  • How comfortable do you feel in your body?
  • What points would a caricature draw ¬†out?
  • How high is your usual energy level?
  • What is your usual level of attention, awareness and mental energy? What is your preferred representational system?
  • What is your predominant emotion?
  • What is your spiritual state?
  • Think of your baseline slate in terms of neurological levels:
  • What parts of your environment support or limit your baseline state? What skills do you have in that state?
  • What beliefs and values do you hold?
  • How much Is your normal state of conscious pare of your Identity? How has your baseline state changed over time?
  • How long has it been the same?
  • Can you point to a time when it fixed at what it is now?
  • Have you modelled this state on anyone else (for example a parent or partner)?
  • Once you are aware of your baseline state, you can start to think about it more critically; are you satisfied with your baseline state. What might you do to make it a healthier, more balanced and resourceful state?

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