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Align Your Inner Self



Chakra Balancing: Know Your Energy Body, Boost Your Energy

Understand, Clear & Charge Your 7 Chakras with Simple Energy Healing Practices of PSYCHONEUROBICS

What You'll Learn


  • Understand your 7 chakras and your energy body, and why they are so important to your well-being.
  • Understand the inner qualities and life challenges associated with each of the 7 chakras, and how they relate to yourself and your life.
  • How to balance your energy and energize yourself using clear, well-designed, practical exercises.
  • How to balance your energy and energize yourself at the office.
  • How to feel energy and get information about your own energy field.
  • How to use simple energy healing techniques to go deeper and balance your personal energy field and chakras.
  • How to charge FOOD, WATER, AIR.
  • Self Healing & Others Healing.


Do you want to know your Chakras and your energy body? To learn how to clear, charge and boost your energy to increase vitality, well-being and happiness in your life? 


Psychoneurobics is a science of healing that has benefited many by curing their diseases and developing better physical and mental capabilities.

Psycho Neurobics is the science of transferring Spiritual Energy in neuro cells by connecting Psyche (Mind) to the Supreme Source of Spiritual Energy (God). It is the best methodology to guide your mind in order to utilize mind power for creative work, to heal your body and to keep body and mind healthy. A trident approach with muscular-respiratory actions, sound vibrations and visualization of different colours of light makes Neurobics highly effective to ensure a cure from various diseases.
By applying certain mediation techniques and exercises using specific colors, sounds and ‘mudras’, we can raise the frequency of our subconscious mind and attract divine energy. This helps to enhance the strength of our mind and will power.  This divine energy opens up the blocked ‘Chakras’, which are the energy centres of our body and release passive energy. When done regularly over a period of time, this passive energy is replaced by a more active form of energy. Active energy restores the normal balance which begins to burn extra fat and increases our metabolic rate, leading to weight management for a blissful and healthier living.
Here in, Positive Health Zone, we work on 7 Dimensional Wellness, which comes from balancing & managing all the 7 Chakras of the body.
It is artfully created for the perfect living experience of luxury & relaxation. Psychoneurobic healing involves: 
Hastha Mudras – 
Hand gestures
Pranayam – Breathing Exercises
Colour Therapy- Visualisation of different colours.

We all are aware that as a human being we are capable of performing amazing physical feats. The human body uses the food we eat to provide sufficient energy in order to perform all types of work. Basically, energy means the capacity to do work. Work is one of the forms of energy, often called mechanical energy. Energy exists in a variety of other forms in nature, such as the light energy of the sun, nuclear energy in uranium, electrical energy in lightning storms, heat energy in fires, and chemical energy in oil. Concept of Energy The six forms of energy are interchangeable according to the law of thermodynamics, mechanical, chemical, heat, electrical, light, and nuclear energies can be interchanged. The amazing human body takes advantage of these laws every day. But just think which energy is needed to keep the human body alive? SELF and Supreme SELF The life is a very subtle point of light. The concept of life is a complex phenomenon beyond the scope of modern science and most probably will remain a mystery for future also. We call this point of light ‘‘Atma or Self (Spiritual Energy in Light Form)’’. As we are SELF (Spiritual Energy in light Form) and GOD is the Source of that Spiritual Energy. We almost become confused at the time of defining Spiritual Energy. Spiritual energy is completely different from any other energy like cosmic energy. Cosmic energies are all planetary and physical which comes from physical entities like Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets etc. Spiritual energy comes from the God Himself. As electrical current is called electrical energy so spiritual current is also called spiritual energy. What is the difference between a living body and a dead body? It is only the presence and absence of that spiritual energy. Due to the absence of spiritual energy, the limbs of a dead body cannot function. All the organs of body work as a machine. The brain is like a computer, heart like a water pump, stomach like a mixer grinder and all other organs work in the same way too. All these machines need energy. There is no external plug or socket in the human body to collect the required energy. The energy, which runs all these machines, is present in the soul of our body. The complete absence of this energy means death. So physical energy can do only physical and mechanical works where as spiritual energy can do all physical along with mental works. Physical energy can’t perform mental work. Computers and Robots cannot think because they have no spiritual energy. This is the basic difference between physical and spiritual energy. Energy Flow from SUPREME SELF to SELF We cannot expect the existence of any energy without sources. So the source of this spiritual energy is always inside and outside. Inside us we have a spiritual centre, at the centre of our consciousness, pure spiritual energy called Soul or Self. This is really what we are. Outside of us we have the Supreme Soul, the Source, the Supreme Being or Supreme Spiritual Energy. Transfer of Spiritual Energy from Soul to Mind Soul is the source of spiritual energy responsible for the biological functions of the human body and Soul uses mind as an instrument in this whole process. By virtue of this mechanism of interaction, the soul is able to draw and collect requisite spiritual energy from the Supreme Source of Spiritual Energy for the total (physical, mental and emotional) growth of being. Transformation of Spiritual Energy by Mind to Mental Energy (Thoughts and Emotions) Soul receives spiritual energy from Supreme Source and sends it to Mind for further distribution. Mind is given the responsibility of transforming the energy into thoughts and emotions and distributing these to the brain and body. As we all know, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is always transformed. Just as electrical energy is trans¬formed by the fan into the form of mechanical energy and the same electrical energy is transformed by the electrical bulb into light energy. In the same process spiritual energy is transformed to mental energy in the mind. Thoughts as Potential and Emotions as Kinetic Form of Human Energy Mental energy consists of thoughts and emotions. As any energy have its two forms these are potential and kinetic energy. Similarly mental energy has two forms. Thoughts are potential energy and emotions are kinetic energy. Our bodies, organs and systems get energy from our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual energy fields of spiritual selves. Transfer of Mental Energy (Thoughts and Emotions) to Brain Nobody says that thoughts and emotions come in the soul. Everybody says that thoughts and emotions keep coming in the mind. Mind is one of the biggest contributors to energy levels through mental energy. The mind has huge impact over brain in energy supply. The way we think has an astounding effect in our brain. Thoughts and emotions are bioelectrical currents which are being sent by mind into brain and body. Energy transfer from Brain to Spinal Cord and then to Body Parts Brain is the central nervous system. Through the brain there is a long wire till coccyx region which is called the spinal cord. Spinal cord always carries the current which is transmitted through brain like a transformer. There are major emotional energy centre along with spinal cord called chakras. All these seven energy centres work like electric poles from which there are many nerves like electric wires connecting different system and organs of the body to transfer spiritual and emotional current in the human body. The brain continuously keeps on transferring the energy to nervous system. The energy spontaneously travels out to the spinal cord. When it can no longer generate this energy it is called “brain death”. Happy and Healthy Life by Practicing Psycho Neurobics So, Psycho Neurobics is the exercises of transferring Spiritual Energy in neuro cells by connecting Psyche (Mind) to the supreme source of Spiritual Energy (God). It is the best methodology to guide your mind in order to utilize mind power for creative work, to heal your body and to keep body and mind healthy. A trident approach with muscular-respiratory actions, sound vibrations and visualization of different colours of light makes Neurobics highly effective to ensure a cure from various diseases.

Join this practical and enlightening course by Dr. Anil who is Doctorate in Healing Science of PSYCHONEUROBICS.

 Learn about your seven chakras (energy centers) and your energy body (aura) and why they are important to your well-being and to a balanced life. 

– Learn how each chakra is connected to specific inner qualities, and how this relates to your life’s joys and challenges.

– Learn how to balance, clear and charge your energy and energize yourself with simple guided exercises, at home or in the office. All exercises are clearly demonstrated, in high-quality video lectures, so you can learn the routines and make them part of your life. 

Designed to help you open your chakras and charge your energy field, these guided physical exercises will allow you to energize yourself wherever you are, in just a few minutes or for a longer practice to increase energy, clarity and focus.

You will learn how to refresh your energy whenever you are under stress, feel out of balance, tired or just want to keep yourself energized. Incorporating these invaluable exercises in your morning routine can make a huge difference in your day. Many students have reported feeling more relaxed, present, energized and awake, as well as having a clearer, more refreshed mind, after doing my exercises.

  • – Learn how to feel energy (which is much easier than people think) and how to feel into your own energy field. 
  • – Learn simple energy healing techniques that you can use to balance your personal energy field and your chakras.
  • – Listen to and download the seven chakra soundtracks (mp3s). You can use these seven soundtracks to help stimulate and open your seven chakras, as well as create a calm, meditative state when you do the guided exercises.
  • Who this course is for:
  • Anybody with an open mind, who is curious about energy, the 7 energy centers and the chakra system.
  • Anybody who would like to learn how to improve their well-being, vitality and clarity through balancing their chakras and energy system.
  • Those who want to learn the morden concept of spirituality, practical enlightenment and practical spirituality, mad monkey to mature monk.
  • Those who want to live healthy-happy-satisfied-successful life.
  • Those who wnat to learn Vedic Science & Vedic Lifestyle with Chakra Vigyan.
  • Those who want to find out solution of  21 st Century Pandemic S.A.D.D. Syndrome (STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, DISEASES). 

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