Rewrite Your Life Story- Applied NLP, Psychology, Medical Science Course

Trust the New Chapter Because You Are the Author Of Your Own Life Story


Rewrite Your Life Story 


Life is a story. The narratives that you loop in your mind about yourself, others and the world are projected outwardly to create a reality based on that story. In essence, your reality is created from your perceptions of life. Your life’s narrative is shaped by your perceptions, which in turn are created from your belief system.Merge psychological and neurological sciences with ancient spiritual teachings to help you truly find your path, and confidently own it each day forward. Find your empowerment at our next event.


Main Features

  • Wipe out past painful memories, failures and experiences.
  • Tough Flexible Mindset To Handle present life issues.
  •  “What exactly you want?” Clarity about outcome in life.
  • You are more than you think; Personal Auditing -SWOT Analysis “Helping You to Help Yourself”
  • Enquire, Who You are, Manifest, Who You Can Be!
    -Personality Analysis
    -Believe Analysis
    -Value Analysis
    -Identity Analysis
  • Outcome Planning
  • Uncertain Fearful Future To Bright Planned Future; Plan your goals, vision, mission, purpose.
  • Identity of empowering believe, dynamic self-confident image, personal value.
    -Mindfulness from Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Low Energy, and Mood Swing.
    – Align Your Inner self for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Neurological Alignment.
    -Heal Your Disease & Activate Wellness in your body

What is the target audience?

  • Who’re ready to let go of past baggage and pain that no longer serves you
  • Who want to quiet that inner critic and empower your self-talk
  • Who’re ready to stop self-defeating patterns and habits
  • who’re ready to unleash their potential
  • who want to be communicator with speaker
  • who want to live 200% life
  • who want achieve materialism with spirituality
  • who want 7 Dimension Wellness

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